maimailove13 (maimailove13) wrote,

The Death of Me. Hangdrama!! :D

I've been mentioning this to some of my close fandom friends.. I feel like my time here in the fandom is nearing its end.. I don't even look at them anymore, even my favorite member Neen! The last PV I've seen is Zero-G. The last song release I listened to was Sakura but I don't know how it sounded, I only listened to it once. I don't have any of their songs on my iPhone right now. I'm not excited about English Subbed releases. I used to really flail to ALL of them, now I barely flail over Sakurai..
But I'm still here. I'm still here because of Sakurai. The chipmunk face is keeping me here, I mean his face is everything. Lol. This is sad, part of me wants to stay but I'm more leaning to want to really forget this fandom. IT'S BREAKING MY POCKET. -_- Imagine the things I can buy if I have saved all my Arashi spendings. I can give my parents an out of the country vacation with that money.

This entry is fraud! Lol. After I've seen the Digitalian leaks, I went cray cray again! Thanks for everyone's support! This fandom always make me feel normal and somewhat at home? -_- :D :D :D
Tags: arashi sugoi, personal entry

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