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11/26 Japonism!! <3

Let me first thank flubbz for giving me a ticket for 11/26 for a very very VERY reasonable price. It was a really really good seat. 10th row! <3 She's an angel, we have to meet at lunch time of the 26th so I can get the ticket and our meeting made the day a lot more fun and memorable. She's so fun to be with and so so so so nice!! I love her tbh!

I only listened to the album a week before the concert so for me, there are some dull moments because I can't sing along to the songs, so meh. As mentioned by some people who watched the con, the concert has the Japanese feel into it.

For the solos, I seriously can't choose a favorite. I'm torn between Nino's and Jun's!! They are all really creative and did something different.

Nino tapped dance for his solo. And then on the bridge part, he played that tap tap game using his feet. It was really enjoyable. And of course, it can be seen that he's enjoying himself which made it so much fun to watch! <3

For Jun's solo, he did a lot of jumping stunts. There were a lot high jumps and fighting scenes. I really enjoyed it as well. Not sure about the relevance of the fight scenes on the song though.

For Ohno's solo, he did some magic using very Japan-ish items like the Japanese umbrella. He also wore a lot of kabuki masks. His solo is the most Japonism among their solos. This would have been my favorite solo IF I'm familiar with his solo song. Lol. I've heard it twice or thrice but it didn't stick to me.

For Sho's solo, he played the drum! Hm.. Futsu. :D

For Aiba's solo, he's sort of fly using a balloon and a clothing(blanket like white cloth). The solo is enjoyable because there's sort of audience participation, we have to chant "Mr. Funk" at some parts. But what I didn't liked is that he is not wearing harness during the parts where he will climb the clothing to reach the top. He's about 10-15 ft from the ground I think. It's not that I don't trust him, it's just that accidents happen, so instead of having fun, I'm sort of nervous that he might fall while climbing..

Since I know better this time, I brought my binoculars and followed Sho on all corners of the stage. And I can see some details on the stage which can't be seen at the big screen monitor..

My closest encounter EVER is with Ninomiiiiii! When the funky came on, we were all getting ready to dance when out of nowhere Nino appeared, he rose from the platform. We were all surprised to see him there. He was so close to me!! And I love funky Nino because he's sooo cute! I even made a GIF of it because I really really really love Funky Nino. Lol. So imagine my happiness when he have to dance in front of me! Like in my face! Lol.

Overall, as I said there were dull moments, but I sang along to the songs I know. I was caught off guard when they sang Wild at Heart! It's one of my favorite songs and they sang it in a sort of traditional Japanese style. It was really cool! <3

A friend told me that there were some minor changes in the con. During Sho's solo, he dropped the drumstick, flubbz who watched on the 27th told me he didn't dropped his sticks. Not sure if it was a mistake because it was like a part of the routine. I'll probably find out tomorrow since I'm watching it again :D I hope they won't change positions during the rising in the platform, because my seat tomorrow will be where Sho will rise into the platform!!

Unlike last year when Satoshi acknowledged me and Sho waved at me, this time I didn't have any encounters or moments with them this time.. :(( I hope I can have moments with them tomorrow.

For the talk and MCs, I think people have already heard about the highlights. About the cake they gave Satoshi. About Nino's gift to Satoshi, Aiba and Sho sending birthday greetings to Ohno and Jun not greeting Ohno because they will meet anyways and so he's greeting him while they were dancing. Ohno said that it was their first time to hold his birthday concert in Osaka. The people were like, e chigau chigau. Yeah, he's wrong about that because he's had his birthday fell on a concert day in Osaka. :D. My favorite speech was when Nino sort of complained that they don't hold concerts on his birthday. He called out to Jimusho for it.
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