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11/29 Japonism

Okay I'm sold. Sakuraiba's definitely married and Juntoshi's probably dating. Lol. Sho keeps on initiating skinship with Masaki, Jun also keeps on flirting with Ohno! These four keep giving us what we want. Lol

For today's concert, the energy of the crowd is super amazing! They are too hyper and they fans' responses can be clearly heard in the dome. Unfortunately for us, they didn't gave us a double encore, unlike Nagoya. :(( The thing is, it's hard to sync with everyone chanting Arashi! Arashi! Different groups of people start the chant and it's hard whom to follow. Also, there are a lot of guys in the concert. It's refreshing to see fanboys, the one in front of me was even using a binocular.

Anyway, the concert is great! I still can't choose my fave solo! After watching Nino's solo, I am so sure that his solo is my favorite. I was smiling the entire time. But his solo was followed by Jun's and Jun's solo gave me a different feeling of entertainment. It's hard to compare 2 solos. And Ohno's solo is great too but I was bored on the singing parts..

Sakurai didn't dropped his drumsticks so I guess the drop on the 26th was just a mistake. He's so good, he made it feel like part of the routine. It was so smooth! He was super hot in his solo. Masaki's solo is the same, the crowd is just louder! We chanted Mr Funk!

At one point, while dancing, the members had to back dive and Sho didn't do it. He just watched them do it like he wasn't supposed to do it as well. Not sure with Jun though since I only had my eyes on Shuuuuuuu! <3

I had a moment with Sho too!!!! He ignored me. Lol. I kept waving at him, but sempai didn't noticed me.. Sho in general greets the audience. I think he just wave and wave and wave. Without any particular person to wave at, he's just waving. Riida on the other hand, points at fans and makes sure that that fan knows he acknowledged her. I think Aiba and Nino is the same, not sure with Jun.

On the MC part, Jun, as always, does what he wants and just went backstage. The 4 have to janken to know who will stay and who will go back stage. Ohno lost. ON THE NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, like normally, 2 people should be left so that there would be conversation and entertainment right? But as usual, Nino said they'll just abandon Riida and they all head to back stage. Poor Riida. He has to do the MC alone! He did fine though. Haha.

On the past nights, Masaki has been giving riddles, so Ohno tried it too. I have no idea what the riddle was, it has something to do with bento and the answer is Sandwich. Some people didn't get it at first and then he said slowly San-do-wi-chu. And people were "Ahhhhh"

He was giving more riddles when the 3 came back and being the riddle master, Aiba took over and gave riddles. No clue what the riddle was haha.

On the closing remarks, Nino's speech is so serious. I find it odd because he was always joking, on the closing remarks on the 26th, it was when he complained about not having a birthday concert. This time, he's so serious. I have no idea what he was talking about, the only phrase I remember and understand was "otona, jichan obachan, gambarimasu. " He's so serious on his speech that he even apologized for it. Same thing with Jun, he's so serious. The only ones who fooled around are Riida and Aiba.

While Sho and Riida were giving their closing remarks, Nino and Aiba were talking. They were apart from each other at first but they moved next to other to talk! <3 On the other hand, while Riida is talking, Sho and Jun were on the same side, unfortunately, they're apart from each other. Not even talking or anything. :((

And then during the encore, on the rap part of A.Ra.Shi, Nino keeps bothering Sho and Sho ended up just laughing and wasn't able to sing his part. Nino did the same on the 26th and Sho sang the part, I guess Nino's more hyper this time so Sho ended up laughing.

Also, there's this song that keeps on playing on my head, it's the line Yurare yurete! Chacha cha na cha cha. I have no idea what song that is, I also love the song "we're walking on the road" I'm assuming that's Yume ni Kakeru. Still not sure too because I still haven't downloaded that song. :D
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