One Ok rock concert experience

Finally I've settled down in my home country and have rested well so here's my One Ok Rock concert experience!

[Before the concert]Pre-concert

It's a little disorganized compared to the dome event (I'm basing on my Kyocera dome experience). When I finally saw the entrance gate indicated in the ticket, I queued with the crowd. I'm so alone and the groups before and after me are all boys, which is a little expected since it's a rock concert. After about 10mins of qeueing, the staff announced that the gates for the A2 block is not where we're queuing. WTF! I didn't catch everything he said but I just followed everyone when they walked away.

I roam around the entire arena, asking all the staff I passed where should I queue. Eventually when I saw a queue, I asked the nearby staff, showed him my ticket and he said "Kore wa OK" so yatta na! So I queued. -_- But that's a apparently a queue for baggage during the concert. I paid 500 yen for that, which I regret.. (But turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the concert is too chaotic and having your baggage removed made the chaos easier to bear. Lol)

It's almost 4pm and I'm still roaming around and still lost, then FINALLY! I saw the placard where we should wait, and then we proceeded to the entrance! I was so happy, I was running once I get passed the ticket checker..

[First Half]First Half!

I'm gonna skip the opening act since no one really cares about them, but I realized that the Japanese crowd are very welcoming. I'm pretty sure 95% of the people there didn't know who Twenty One Pilots are but they are still cheering! I also realized that about 70% of the arena people are guys!

First song is Fight the Night! The moment the band appeared and lights on, chaos started, people are pushing and I was so sure I'm gonna die before the concert end. Pushing pushing, people are saying, dame dame! It's so dangerous! But I managed to shout TAKA twice!! which I can't really remember until I heard my concert voice record. Lol. Actually, upon hearing the recording, there are more guys shouting Taka than the girls. I shouted Toru but I doubt he heard me.

I looked at Taka, he's wearing red eye shadow and I was thinking he's probably on drugs. Lol.

The Beginning!
This is more chaotic as fuck! Once the line "Just give me a reason" line the pushing became harder, people are jumping and pushing each other. Imagine being pushed around roughly, considering guys are the ones pushing me. It's so chaotic and very abunai! Lol. I can hear myself saying sugoi. But I managed to jump with the crowd eventhough the pushing still continues. At this point, someone fell down which somewhat calmed down the crowd beside me but resumed chaos after a few seconds. I wasn't enjoying at this point, and I still think I'm gonna die soon. Lol.

After the Beginning, Taka said to just have fun until the end and then fireworks followed and Memories began playing. Pushing was more intense, haha. They were hyped up because of the fireworks. Taka gestures the Fuck You hand sign everytime he sings the line "Go on and fuck yourself" and stares intensely at the camera. And then he uttered, "Everybody, go fuck each other". Lol.

I think I settled down at this point, little did I know, I was already little bit at the back, I was pushed about 3-4 rows, but my view is clearer and better plus the crowd is a little intense. They were only jumping and little pushing

Ketsuraku Automation
I don't know this song before coming to the concert, but after hearing it, I became addicted to it. It's so good! <3 "Nanigenaku tsuketa terebi ni utsuru" I shared the live song in my entry here. This song is so beautiful! <3

Deeper Deeper
This is the time I fucking lost it, Taka screamed and everyone is hyped up again! Jump jump jump and push push push! This is the start of my enjoyment! Good God, I am having fun!! The crowd is clapping along with the song. I was jumping and singing along! The fanchants are the best!

After the song, everybody's clapping continously.  Taka began talking, "Hajimemashite, One Ok Rock desu" Are you ready?" I can't understand the other things he said. He asked us to raise our hands, higher and higher! Then clapping continues. And then introduced the next song "Stuck in the Middle"

Stuck in The Middle
Taka's so good at engaging the audience. He just knows when to ask the people to sing along, "Sing it!" He said this a lot of times. Then he asked us to jump high! So fucking high. I jumped as high as I could! Lol. And asked us to sing "Now I'm left with nothing". Then he fucking screamed!

A little break here. About 45 seconds that they didn't anything on the stage...

Clock Strikes
He sang it normally, like in any other concert. The usual "C'mon" to ask the fans to sing the "Believe the time, it's always forever."
And "C'mon" again to sing the Woo hoo ho ho! Woo hoo ho ho! Woo hoo ho ho!

[Introduction/ Smiling + Liar]

MC - Everyone spoke in Japanese. Introduction. (audience)

Ryota spoke first.
Are you having fun? (Yeeeah) It feels really good, thank you so much!
Saitama, Let's go? Let's Go! Yoroshiku desu!

Saitamaaaaaaaa! (Yaaaaaay) Saitamaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Yaaaaaaaaaay) It feels really good! Thank you!
*I can't understand what he's saying after this. Lol
Saitama Yoroshiku!!! Then drum rolls! <3

Then Toru went to the left side of the stage (he was on the right).
I have no idea what he's saying. That son of a bitch. Lol. You're supposed to greet! Lol
"Everyone's prettty scary"
Jaaaa, everyone, until the end, everyone let's just have fun!

Then, of course. My beloved. Lol. Taka's sitting on the center, near the drumset. Of course, everyone focuses on him.

After Toru finished his greeting, Taka was just looking at him, and drinking water! Oh God, I can still remember his facial reaction!

Everyone in Saitama, hello! It's our first time having a live here in Saitama (Everyone was like, woooooi!)

( I won't be translating what he said for now, I'll be doing that a little later because I'm not in the mood. Lol. I can't catch some of his words, so I'll work on that)

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! It's not a lie that it's our first time to perform here...... Yoroshiku!

Then he introduced the next song...

Smiling Down

To be continued......


‪#‎DAY30‬ - Have you ever been to one of their concerts or do you plan on visiting one?

I was able to attend their Saitama Arena concert last July 11, 2015!!! Saikou da yo! It's so fun! And I'm also planning to watch their concert on September. Fingers crossed that I find a cheap flights on the concert dates! Taka's so addicting. <3

Done with the challenge. I'm gonna be honest, I cheated! Lol. I edit the dates on all the missed out day, -_- Booooooooooooo!

(c) Elsie Chapman for this challenge and P.O.O.R (Philippines ONE OK ROCKers)

#‎DAY28‬ - What was your first impression of their music and their members?

I think I've said this in the past entries. I didn't liked them when I first saw their pic. It seems like they are try hard emo band with those eyeliner and shit( at least in the photos I've seen before hearing their songs). They are forgettable. Lol. I forgot their faces and the name of their band so I wasn't aware that those try hard emos are the ones I'm listening to.

Their music is superb! They got me even before I even saw their faces. I mean, you know, I didn't really know what they look like but I'm already loving their songs.

***I feel like I'm too repetitive. Lol. Please don't mind that. I haven't fully rested from yesterday's concert. My body is still aching from jumping and pushing***

One Ok Rock concert.....

Man.. It was so damn amazing! It's so fucking fun! I had so much fun even though I feel like I'm gonna die at the first 3 songs. I'm serious. -_- People are pushing and just jumping around. I haven't experienced something like that so I was a little shocked but I began to enjoy it after awhile. Most of the people in arena are guys so imagine being pushed around roughly. But it's the best part of the concert, it suddenly became a big party. Haha. Everyone was just enjoying, some people are in the air and people are throwing them. It's the best.

I've had so much fun that I was thinking of not watching Arashi's concert this year so I can watch One Ok Rock live again. -_- The fun I had with One Ok Rock's concert is incomparable....

I'll be writing a con report and will be uploading some recorded songs during the concert in a few days, I still have 3 days to enjoy Japan! Jaaaaaaa.

‪#‎DAY27‬ - Anything you don't like about a member

Nothing. I can't think of any. -_- I'm thinking about the 3 members' smoking habit but I don't hate them for it. What I don't really appreciate is Ryota and Tomoya are always together, I mean, I'd like it more if Taka&Ryota would go out sometimes or Taka&Tomoya That's it. Lol

(c) Elsie Chapman for this challenge and P.O.O.R (Philippines ONE OK ROCKers)